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Unique Farm Venue // Rainy Day Engagement Shoot // Caressa & Corey

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

We met with Caressa and Corey at a local coffee shop and immediately felt a connection, creative souls and super easy to talk to. They told us about their wedding day and their unique venue. Their venue was an old farmstead that they had passed by many times. They approached the owner and talked about their interest in having their wedding on his property. To their surprise, they reached an agreement. It was a beautiful private farm tucked away outside the city limits. The owner was gracious enough to allow us to take their engagement photos at the property. With rain in the forecast, we didn’t know what to expect, but with rain comes beautiful sunsets. The property was filled with unique barns, beautiful fields of grasses, fence rows and tall old oak trees. The sun would sporadically show itself, casting beautiful rays of light through the leaves and the clouds. When the raindrops grew heavy, we ducked into one of the open barns. The soft light streamed in through the windows and the mist from the rain found Its way through the broken panes of glass and the cracks in the old barn. I had our couple stand close to the windows, illuminating their faces with soft beautiful light. I loved the fall off of light, the smooth transitions from light to dark and the deep rich tones. Once the rain died down we explored the property and found some reflective puddles. I love to use reflections to help add interest to my photos. I’m not above using a mirror or even my phones reflective surface. When the sun would come out, It would back light Caressa and Corey beautifully. I always enjoy exploring new places with my couples. It helps when your couples are so down to earth and genuinely fun to be with.

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